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Finding last minute student airline tickets

Looking to last minute student airline tickets? If so you’ll be glad to know that a new launched company is offering a unique service for students who need really cheap airline tickets urgently. is a membership program that provides cheap round-trip airline tickets to college students during family emergencies anywhere in the nation, anytime.

In case of an emergency, students call a toll free number alerting the team of their situation. Upon verification, the company then sends a shuttle to take students to the nearest airport, where an electronic airline ticket awaits their arrival.

This is airline ticket service is a definite must-have for parents of current and college-bound students attending school outside their home state. offers students and parents convenience and peace of mind.

By offering really cheap airline tickets is helping take minimize that terrible feeling of being thousands of miles from home while studying at college.

If you need a really cheap airline ticket at the last minute – just contact and they’ll get your airline ticket ready for you right away.

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