Airfare Deals: Be Alert this Summer

Finding really cheap airline tickets online this summer:

In a recent travel feature from USA Today writer K. Yancey explained that while airline ticket prices are on the increase due to fuel prices, it seems that a lot more people will actually be looking for flights to their holiday destinations.

Rather than fuel up the old Navigator, holiday makers will be scouwering the internet look for really cheap airline tickets. According to the Travel Industry Association of America should be a 4% increase in air travel this summer.

What does all this mean? Higher fuel prices mean high airfares, which means you’re going to have to do all more searching to find really cheap airline tickets. And with more travelers search for these really cheap airline tickets deals you’re going to have to act quick once you’ve found the best airline tickets.

Tips to finding really cheap airline tickets this summer:
1) Shop by Price not Date
2) Watch airline ticket websites (such as this one) for the latest deals.
3) Consider splitting your journey into two roundtrips.

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