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Airline Ticket Deals: Student Airfares

Travelocity, one of the largest online travel agencies have partnered with two major Student Travel Agents – STA Travel and StudentUniverse.

The partnership have already resulted in a one of great travel deal for students, and Travelocity are currently featuring some excellent student travel packages to popular European and north African Destinations.

Check out the all New Travelocity Student Center now.


Round-Trip Flights for under $150

Airline Tickets Sales: has made the search for really cheap airline tickets lot easier by offering a range of round-trip airfares for less than $150.

With round-trip flights to New York City from $104 round-trip or to Las Vegas from $106 round-trip, it could be a lot cheaper than driving!

Below is a sample of the Round-Trips flights under $150 found at

• Atlanta to Washington $146
• Baltimore to Miami $146
• Boston to Orlando $144
• Chicago to Fort Lauderdale $139
• Chicago to New York City $148
• Chicago to Orlando $148
• Cleveland to New York City $104
• Columbus to Chicago $126
• Dallas to Kansas City $126
• Denver to Las Vegas $146
• Denver to Phoenix $136
• Detroit to Washington $109
• Greensboro to New York City $140
• Indianapolis to Orlando $149
• Los Angeles to Las Vegas $106

* Airfares shown are inclusive of all taxes and fees, including $6.95 processing fee. Fares shown are actual published-fare airline ticket purchases made on between December 7 and December 13, 2005, for departure within 45 days of ticketing. Airfares are subject to change frequently and there is no guarantee that any fare will be available.

Best Travel Deals

Airline Ticket Sales: Northwest and Southwest airlines

The have highlighted airfare sales from SouthWest airlines and NorthwestAirlines as their best airline ticket deals of the week.

Southwest has last-minute $89 airfares from BWI to 10 destinations in Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arizona and California. For example, pay $198 round trip, including taxes, to San Diego. Complete travel by Dec. 15. Seven-day advance purchase required. Book at .

Northwest has sale airfares for travel in December and January. Lowest fares are available Dec. 6, 7, 13, 14, and 25; slightly higher sale fares on other dates through Jan. 8, except for Dec. 22 and 23. For example, lowest round-trip fare to Grand Rapids, Mich., is $187, including taxes. Other airlines are matching.

Check out the rest of this weeks travel deals .

$9 airline ticket sale!

Airline Ticket Sale: Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines have launched an incredible airline ticket sale in celebration of their new service to the Caribbean. For a limited period travelers to this island paradise will be able to get airfares for as little as $9.

The airline ticket special has been made available from Oct. 31 to Nov 07 for or travel Nov. 10 through Dec. 14 2005.

In celebration of Spirit's new service to the Caribbean, we are offering fares on many of our flights from an incredibly low $9* each way! We are sure you can think of a million reasons why to fly to paradise with prices this low, but we thought we would share a few of our favorites.

Spririt Airlines offers its Top 9 reasons to fly Spirit to the Bahamas and the Caribbean - As if you needed more reason to fly to the Carribean..

1. Get some well-deserved rest before your in-laws invade for the holidays.
2. You can do all of your Christmas shopping duty free!
3. Jamaican jerk chicken sure is better than another day listening to the office jerk.
4. Nothing is better than the four S's of the Caribbean - Sun, Sand, Sea and of course Spirit.
5. Those little drink umbrellas are much cooler in the Caribbean than on your couch.
6. The most stressful part of your day will be choosing piƱa colada or daiquiri.
7. Your tan from this summer has faded.
8. It’s better in the Caribbean…and you know what “it” is.
9. It’s $9*!! How can you resist?

Click Here : $9 airline ticket sale!

Best Airport Awards

Best Airport Awards 2005

Skytrax have announced their 2005 World Airport Awards this month. The Skytrax Airport of the Year Survey is the world's largest passenger survey of airport standards. Worldwide survey interviews totalled a massive 5,584,365 respondents - a 15 percent increase on the 2004 result. Over 90 different passenger nationalities participated, the highest contingent from Europe and North America, with Asian countries of Korea, China/Hong Kong and Taiwan also very well represented.

For the 5th consecutive year, passengers rated Hong Kong International Airport as the world's Best Airport while Singapore Changi Airport took the Silver Award.

The Top 10 Airports in the world for 2005:

1 Hong Kong Int'l Airport  
2 Singapore Changi Airport
3 Seoul Incheon Airport
4 Munich Airport
5 Kansai International Airport
6 Dubai International Airport
7 KLIA - Kuala Lumpur Airport
8 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
9 Copenhagen Airport
10 Sydney Airport

The award for best airport in North America went to Minneapolis-St Paul.

The Skytrax list of awards includes the Best Airlines 2005, Best Cabin Staff, Best Catering and Best Airline Lounge

Expedia's 'biggest holiday offer of the year'

Expedia’s ‘biggest holiday offer of the year’

Online Travel Agency, Expedia, are currently offering everyone an opportunity to claim a $150 discount on a Getaway in 2006.

All you need to do is use the Coupon when you book a flight, hotel or a flight + hotel via the Expedia website and a voucher worth $150 will be sent to your inbox.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Shop for fall or holiday travel.Book any flight, Expedia Special Rate hotel, or flight+hotel trip for travel now through December 31, 2005.

  2. Enter the code Getaway.After you choose your flight, hotel, or air+hotel trip, click the "I have a coupon" link and enter the code Getaway

  3. Receive coupon for your next getaway.During or after the week of December 19, a coupon will be deposited into your Expedia account and you will be notified by e-mail. This coupon will be valid for any air+hotel vacation of 4 nights or more for travel between January 1 and March 31, 2006.

Visit for the terms and conditions.
This offer is valid for bookings made up until December 9, 2005

Airline Tickets - Travel Cheap

Airline Tickets: Travel Cheap
Get more for less when you purchase your Airline Tickets online

With Christmas fever nearing, many of us have already begun to plan our holiday getaways.
The difference this year is that you won’t have to worry about expensive airline tickets any longer – if you follow these steps to finding really cheap airline tickets online.

The tips mentioned here are no secret to experienced travelers and many airline websites offer these tips to their customers/ visitors.

5 Tips to finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets Online:

Look out for Airfare Specials – often if an airline is launching a new product such as a new direct flight to an international destination, the fares are sold at really cheap rates. I you sharp eyed enough you might be able to pick up a flight to one of these destinations.

Alternative Airports - Fly to the more popular airports around the world may be more convenient but if your willing to take a connecting flight from an airport a few miles from your destination you could save for dollars. Always consider flying to alternative airports, many major cities have two or three airports.

Two Round Trips - Again, if you’re willing to sacrifice the convenience of flying direct for the opportunity to save money of your airline ticket you should also consider purchasing two round trip tickets. For instance if you flying from London to Berlin, you might be able to save on your airfares if you bought a round trip ticket from London to Paris and another round-trip ticket from Paris to Berlin.

Book Early – if your plan your getaways well in advance to will to only be able to save by booking your flights early but you can then also afford to spend some time shopping around for special airfare deals.

Be Flexible – when is comes to air travel, being flexible can result in a $100 saving per airline ticket. So always consider your options, such as your flight dates and time, destinations and airline carriers – the correct combination of these could mean a huge saving on your air travel costs.

Latest Discount Airline Tickets

If you’re looking for cheap Airline Tickets to Destinations in the US you’ll be glad to know that and United Airlines have launched a new airline ticket sale.

The basis terms and conditions of the sale state that you’ll need to purchase the airline tickets 14-days in advance and a round-trip purchase is required.

And with airfares as low as $71, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars in fall.
For more information on the latest travel deals available across the net visit

Airline Tickets, New ways to Save

Finding really cheap airline tickets

In a world obsessed with traveling travelers and travel agents are constantly out looking for the best airline ticket deals.

In most cases the cheapest airline ticket deals are offered by wholesale dealers but you’d be hard pressed to find a travel agency willing to disclose its database of companies who provide cheap airfares.

Besides discount airfare dealers seldom offer plane tickets to the public.

But, there’s really no need to go to all the trouble trying to find a consolidator anyway – if you’re a wise traveler.

Most major city around the world have more than one airport and often you’ll find that tickets to the alternative airports surrounding the city are much cheaper.

Another wise option is to consider the time of your flight, avoiding the peak or most preferred flying times will get you some good deals.

And finally, if you’re not to keen on changing your destination, date or preferred flying time – you may want to visit some airline ticket auction websites. This site s offer you the opportunity to bid for tickets at low, low prices and you only have to pay if you’re the successful bidder.

Finding affordable airline tickets

This airline ticket website has grown quite large in a very short space of time. Since starting it a few months ago we covered some really interesting airline ticket topics, most of which have been focused on ways to find really cheap airline tickets online.

On all new posts I tried to make a point to including links to previous articles on similar topics. To help visitors browse through the site quicker and more easily. If you’re looking for cheap airline tickets online then you should spend a few moments reading through the tips and strategies highlighted on this site. These techniques are not new, in fact they have been used by many experience air traveler before.

On this site can now find loads on information about how to find really cheap airline tickets, the latest airline ticket news and the best airline ticket deals on offer currently.

By doing a quick search in the search bar at the top of this site you can find loads of invaluable tips and guides to finding great deals on airfares.

Here is a list of the most popular airline ticket posts:

Cheapest Plane Tickets
Airfare Deals: Be Alert this Summer
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Visit these sites when you ready to buy airline tickets

Cheapest Plane Tickets

Cheapest Airfares
Finding the cheapest Airfares

If travelers ruled the world, getting to Europe this summer would be much cheaper, and the price of airline tickets would decrease as the departure date for a flight approached, like bread marked down as it gets older, though it's still plenty good for toast.

Unfortunately, the reverse is true. With the high season underway, tickets from the U.S. to Europe are unusually costly and scarce this summer, partly driven by demand. Colorado-based airline consolidator reported that 25% more travelers were heading to Europe this summer than last.

But we managed (once again) to find some really cheap plane tickets. There are come of the cheapest airfares available online, from three of the largest airline ticket websites.

You can save hundreds of dollars by capitalizing on these really cheap plane tickets:

Best Airline Tickets Deals:
- Fly American: Ft.Lauderdale to NYC, from $144
- Fly American: LA to NYC, from $204
- Fly American: Dallas to NYC, from $232
- Denver to Las Vegas, from $168
- Philadelphia to Las Vegas, from $194
- Detroit to Las Vegas, from $234


- New York City (LGA) to Chicago (ORD) from $209
- San Francisco to Seattle from $199


- Round trip flights to Atlanta, Georgia from:
Washington, District of Columbia (WAS) - $158
Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT) - $166
Indianapolis, Indiana (IND) - $176
Minneapolis, Minnesota (MSP) - $191

- Round trip flights to Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FLL) from
Orlando,Florida (MCO) – 115
Chicago, Illinois (CHI) – 138
Washington, District of Columbia (WAS) – 140
New York, New York (NYC) - 141

Find really cheap airline tickets online.

Technorati Tags:

Airfare Deals: Be Alert this Summer

Finding really cheap airline tickets online this summer:

In a recent travel feature from USA Today writer K. Yancey explained that while airline ticket prices are on the increase due to fuel prices, it seems that a lot more people will actually be looking for flights to their holiday destinations.

Rather than fuel up the old Navigator, holiday makers will be scouwering the internet look for really cheap airline tickets. According to the Travel Industry Association of America should be a 4% increase in air travel this summer.

What does all this mean? Higher fuel prices mean high airfares, which means you’re going to have to do all more searching to find really cheap airline tickets. And with more travelers search for these really cheap airline tickets deals you’re going to have to act quick once you’ve found the best airline tickets.

Tips to finding really cheap airline tickets this summer:
1) Shop by Price not Date
2) Watch airline ticket websites (such as this one) for the latest deals.
3) Consider splitting your journey into two roundtrips.

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Two Round Trips Better Than One

Finding really cheap airline tickets online

Trying to find really cheap airline tickets can become very frustrating and time consuming but if you know how and where to search you can quickly and easily find really airline tickets online.

The internet is fast become the best place to find really cheap airline ticket deals. Whether you’re looking for cheap international airline tickets or local airfares, using a airline ticket website to book your travel package could save you hundreds of dollars.

One of the easiest ways to find really cheap airline tickets is to book you journey as two separate round trips. This technique of splitting your travels into two separate journeys is a lot used very often simply because many people don’t realize it value.

For instance, if you’re planning to travel from point A to point C you could make a huge saving by booking a really cheap round trip airline ticket from point A to point B and another really cheap rountrip airline ticket from point B to point C.

Here is one example of how you can save by using this method:
John Doe search Travelocity for airline ticket from Denver to Tortola round trip (about $900 on several carriers). Then he asked to go from Denver to San Juan ($291 round trip using a sale fare on American) and San Juan to Tortola ($99 round trip on Caribbean Sun). The savings: around $500.

By booking two round trips you can find some really cheap airline tickets, the down side of cause is that you’ll be spending more time traveling to your destination. Weigh up your options – consider the savings your make and the time spent traveling.


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Cheap Last Minute Airline Tickets

Cheap International Airline Tickets & Cheap Local Airline Tickets

If you need to book last minute travel reservations such as last minute airline tickets, we can help you with your search for really cheap airline tickets.

The first thing you want to do when searching for really cheap airline tickets is to experiment with departure dates and times and nearby airports. Being flexible is one of the first steps to getting last minute local or international airline tickets.

Every week millions of really cheap airline tickets go unsold:

According to conventional wisdom, the only way to get really cheap airline tickets is to book your trip far in advance. But procrastinators can take heart. The Internet is a bountifull for bargains on last-minute airline ticket deals. And while not ideal for everyone, consider the fact that every week millions of airline seats, hotel rooms and vacation packages go unsold. This means that there are lots of last minute discounts to be found. So if you and your family can hang in until the last minute to make your travel plans, the savings could be plentiful.

Airlines want more people to book directly from the airlines' Web sites, not from other sites that let them compare one airline against another. That saves them agent commissions, or the expense of staffing with their own reservation clerks. Trouble is, the airline sites are usually inferior to online travel agents, which let you search for the lowest airline tickets by plugging in your travel criteria.

Begin Finding Really Cheap Airfare Tickets now:
- Discount Last Minute Airfares
- Airline Tickets Online: book now
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Finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets

Finding discount international airfare tickets

When you’re looking for cheap airline tickets to your specific destination, weather it be for business purposes or for a well-deserved holiday, finding some really cheap airfare tickets can relieve a lot of your traveling costs.

Though there are so many places offering ‘really cheap airfare tickets’ on the web most have some kind of strings attached – for instance these sites may offer you really cheap airfares on flights to less popular destinations.

The key to finding really cheap airfares - is to be flexible in terms of your traveling dates, and be willing to do some research. Cheap Airfare research is possibly the most important aspect.

Cheap Airfare Research:
Often you’ll find that people on the same flight, with similar seat would pay different prices for their airline tickets.
The price of your airfare depends largely on whom you buy your airline tickets from. These are some of the best websites to visit when you need find really cheap airfares at the last minute : and
You should also check the Google listing above and in the right hand panel for websites running Cheap Airfare Specials.

Being Flexible:
Though there are ways to finding cheap last minute airfares – most times you’ll need to be very flexible.

If you can't find a cheap airfare to your chosen city, it's often less expensive to fly to a nearby city using a cheap airfare, then fly on a cheap connecting flight to where you really want to be. Depending on the distance and the location, you might also be able to take a quick train or bus and save money.

Begin Finding Really Cheap Airfare Tickets now:
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Latest Airline Tickets News

Finding last minute student airline tickets

Looking to last minute student airline tickets? If so you’ll be glad to know that a new launched company is offering a unique service for students who need really cheap airline tickets urgently. is a membership program that provides cheap round-trip airline tickets to college students during family emergencies anywhere in the nation, anytime.

In case of an emergency, students call a toll free number alerting the team of their situation. Upon verification, the company then sends a shuttle to take students to the nearest airport, where an electronic airline ticket awaits their arrival.

This is airline ticket service is a definite must-have for parents of current and college-bound students attending school outside their home state. offers students and parents convenience and peace of mind.

By offering really cheap airline tickets is helping take minimize that terrible feeling of being thousands of miles from home while studying at college.

If you need a really cheap airline ticket at the last minute – just contact and they’ll get your airline ticket ready for you right away.

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Airline Tickets Deals

With Airline Tickets this low? Why not Go?

Really Cheap Airline Tickets Deals:
Get really low airfares to high-rise Cities like Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, Vegas or New York. With airline tickets from as little as $64 you just can't afford to miss out on these really cheap airline ticket deals – only running for a limited period.

Visit now to book your tickets.

The lowest airline tickets you can expect between these cities, for more airline ticket deals check You can book local or international airline tickets online in a matter of seconds.And watch this site for more Airline Tickets Specials!Looking for really cheap airline tickets?

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