Finding Free Airlines Tickets

A free airline ticket is a quick search away. Here how you can find free airfares online.

It’s said that for most travelers one of the biggest fears is not lost baggage but that the person sitting next to them paid less for the same flight or vacation.

The best way to avoid this situation is to set the bar high when searching for really low airfares. Free Airline Tickets are usually offered as part of some type of promotion so they could almost be found anywhere.

The best way to get a free fight is to do as much research online as possible. Finding free tickets online is definitely more difficult than shopping for cheap tickets but its not impossible.

Credit card airline tickets are essentially free if you spend a certain amount on the card. There are various promotions such a Wendy's and Polident which gave away free tickets. Free airline tickets for military personnel are sometimes available as well.

Finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets

Now is the time to book your post summer travel airline tickets. Most eb savvy travelers are aware that you can find some really cheap airline ticket before and just after the peak travel seasons - and we’re approaching one of those times right now.

Orbitz has already published its list of cheap airline tickets for post-summer travels, check out the sample airfares below:

Albuquerque-West Palm Beach - $184
Baltimore-Tampa - $123
Buffalo-Raleigh/Durham - $174
Chicago-St Louis - $103
Cleveland-Miami - $143
Denver-Phoenix - $123
Detroit-Tampa - $143
Fort Lauderdale-Columbus, OH - $143
Hartford-Cleveland - $234
Houston-Chicago - $184
Las Vegas-Phoenix - $103
Los Angeles-Portland, OR - $204
New York City-Kalamazoo - $234
Orlando-Kansas City - $143
Phoenix-Seattle - $204
Reno-San Diego - $184
Salt Lake City-Denver - $103
San Diego-San Jose - $103
Seattle-Oakland - $164
Tampa-St Louis - $143

These Really Cheap Airline Tickets from were found via

Who's offering Really Cheap Airline Tickets?

Finding really cheap airline tickets are supposed to be easier these days thanx to the many different airline ticket search engines available online. But with all these options available finding a really cheap airline ticket can easily become confusing.

We’ve done some research online for you and find some of the best airline ticket deals and airfare specials available online right now.

Check them out below:

1) 4th of July Airfare Sale are running an amazing 4th of July airline ticket sale. Fares have been slashed to as low as $80 roundtrip. *conditions apply
The airfare sale is being run in conjunction with American Airlines and United Airlines, and the sales flights are available to multiple cities, including Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, and many more.

2) Weekends in Vegas
Orbitz are running a great sale on airline tickets to Las Vegas. Orbitz have ompiled their lowest fares from cities across the U.S. for weekend travel.*conditions apply.
Note, all sales fares include airport taxes and fees.
Below you find a sample of their really cheap airline tickets:
Chicago-Las Vegas $245
Denver-Las Vegas $143
Los Angeles-Las Vegas $103
Newark-Las Vegas $329
San Francisco-Las Vegas $208

Finding really cheap airline tickets online

Really Cheap Airline Tickets:

Previously, finding cheap airline tickets was the sole responsibility of your travel agent.

The process of booking airline tickets involved a lot of work by your agent. You travel agent would have actually needed to consultant a huge text of the latest airfare prices and then get on the phone with the airlines to book.

These days of cause you can find airline ticket booking systems on virtually every airline website. Travelers now have the opportunity to find and book their own airfares.

But with so many options available how do you go about finding some really cheap airline tickets online?

Below are some tips to finding cheap airfares 1-2-3:

1. Airfare comparison is the name of the game -
With so many travel website offering travel deals and so many different types of travel packages available there is no magic formula to finding the lowest airfares everytime. The best way to begin looking for the cheapest airline tickets is to do some online shopping around. From your desktop or laptop you have access to a huge number of airline ticket booking systems.

2. The best time to buy tickets -
While you’re shopping around for really cheap airline tickets, keep in mind the fact that most airlines offer the cheap tickets on days that are usually less popular amoung travelers. While shopping around look for flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Avoid having to fly on public holidays and around the major holiday seasons.

3. Visit the Airline Ticket Aggregators -
Airline Ticket Aggregators are taking the airline ticket industry by storm in recent year. Much like Google and Yahoo are used to find websites, airline ticket aggregators are used to find the cheapest airline tickets on offer.

Airline Tickets Sales Not So Cheap

Find Really Cheap Airline Tickets

Cheap Airline Ticket hunters could find it slightly tougher to find discount airfare this year. According to the Star-Telegram, airline ticket sales are not as generous as those from previous years.

A number of airlines have slashed their airline ticket prices in the past few days. Carriers usually offer a number of really cheap airline tickets around this time of year – slight after the major holiday travel season has ended and travel demands are lower.

Below is a short list of airline who have recently launch Airline Ticket Sales:

American Airlines
ATA Airlines
AirTran Airways
Frontier Airlines
United Airlines

Referring to the recent airfare sales, Terry Trippler, an airline analyst with travel site told the Star-Telegram: "It's not as deep as it was a year ago. There's nothing too exciting there. Airlines have figured out that they can raise fares and people will still travel.”

Trippler advises bargain hunters to check a variety of airlines before purchasing a ticket. He also said the biggest travel savings might come from hotel or rental-car rates rather than airline fares.

"This is a great time to get a really cheap hotel room," Trippler said. "It's still the best time of year to travel if you're looking for bargains."

Travelocity Featured Airline Ticket Deals

Airline Ticket Deals: Student Airfares

Travelocity, one of the largest online travel agencies have partnered with two major Student Travel Agents – STA Travel and StudentUniverse.

The partnership have already resulted in a one of great travel deal for students, and Travelocity are currently featuring some excellent student travel packages to popular European and north African Destinations.

Check out the all New Travelocity Student Center now.


Round-Trip Flights for under $150

Airline Tickets Sales: has made the search for really cheap airline tickets lot easier by offering a range of round-trip airfares for less than $150.

With round-trip flights to New York City from $104 round-trip or to Las Vegas from $106 round-trip, it could be a lot cheaper than driving!

Below is a sample of the Round-Trips flights under $150 found at

• Atlanta to Washington $146
• Baltimore to Miami $146
• Boston to Orlando $144
• Chicago to Fort Lauderdale $139
• Chicago to New York City $148
• Chicago to Orlando $148
• Cleveland to New York City $104
• Columbus to Chicago $126
• Dallas to Kansas City $126
• Denver to Las Vegas $146
• Denver to Phoenix $136
• Detroit to Washington $109
• Greensboro to New York City $140
• Indianapolis to Orlando $149
• Los Angeles to Las Vegas $106

* Airfares shown are inclusive of all taxes and fees, including $6.95 processing fee. Fares shown are actual published-fare airline ticket purchases made on between December 7 and December 13, 2005, for departure within 45 days of ticketing. Airfares are subject to change frequently and there is no guarantee that any fare will be available.