$9 airline ticket sale!

Airline Ticket Sale: Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines have launched an incredible airline ticket sale in celebration of their new service to the Caribbean. For a limited period travelers to this island paradise will be able to get airfares for as little as $9.

The airline ticket special has been made available from Oct. 31 to Nov 07 for or travel Nov. 10 through Dec. 14 2005.

In celebration of Spirit's new service to the Caribbean, we are offering fares on many of our flights from an incredibly low $9* each way! We are sure you can think of a million reasons why to fly to paradise with prices this low, but we thought we would share a few of our favorites.

Spririt Airlines offers its Top 9 reasons to fly Spirit to the Bahamas and the Caribbean - As if you needed more reason to fly to the Carribean..

1. Get some well-deserved rest before your in-laws invade for the holidays.
2. You can do all of your Christmas shopping duty free!
3. Jamaican jerk chicken sure is better than another day listening to the office jerk.
4. Nothing is better than the four S's of the Caribbean - Sun, Sand, Sea and of course Spirit.
5. Those little drink umbrellas are much cooler in the Caribbean than on your couch.
6. The most stressful part of your day will be choosing piƱa colada or daiquiri.
7. Your tan from this summer has faded.
8. It’s better in the Caribbean…and you know what “it” is.
9. It’s $9*!! How can you resist?

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